Self Portrait - 1981
photo 8-1/2 x 11
For Mom, Love Frank - 1969
crayon on tile 3 x 3 / fired

I believe this is my oldest
surviving piece of art work.
Gonzalo - 20 x 24
oil on canvas 12 . 2008
Frank - 18 x 24
oil on canvas 7 . 2010
Collection of Frank Ellis ~ Washington, DC
Our portraits:

The two above were done as a set, and my desire is
they spend eternity together.

Painted  years apart, both are from Christmas
Party photos, December 2000 - my house in

Busy with brush strokes and heavy color from the
tropics,  I wanted to show what an exciting and
scary time it was for both of us.

We'd only just meet a month before the party...  

Frank E.