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Stale Cookies in the Dark
New Coming-of-age Story Revels in the Nighttime Escapades of Young Boys

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia – In the sequel to
Granny Boop’s Big House, Frankie James continues to chronicle the adventures of
young Bobby Lee in his new novel, Stale Cookies in the Dark: Almost Home (published by AuthorHouse).

Picking up where he left off in
Granny Boop’s Big House, Frankie James tells the story of Bobby Lee Curtis, a 45-year old writer and artist traveling
up north from Florida on a train and entertaining his fellow passengers with a story from his past along the way.

Bobby Lee was born into a poor, “white-trash” family in Maryland. One of the few joys in his life was the company of his friends, a crew of six local
boys. On one particular adventure, these seven boys decide to take an overnight camping trip into the Woodland Forest with the ultimate
destination of the Old Mansion in mind.

Their journey involves a variety of adventures, from traveling the dusty trail through the woods, slipping into the Gravel Pit and boyishly teasing one
another about their newly discovered body parts. Led by Timmy, a 13-year old held back but uncannily wise in the ways of the world, the band of
wannabe troublemakers make their way to the Old Mansion, only to find that it was less than what they had expected:

It was a big disappointment for the boys when they realized they hadn’t been the first to find this lost place and time. Entering the clearing they stood
quietly staring around, noticing an old sofa sitting on what had been the front porch. The hint of four large columns made distinct rings in what must
have been a grand entrance, now overgrown with weeds, scrubs, and grass. Beer cans, trash and bottles were everywhere. In front of the house
which would have been a perfect location for a fountain surrounded by a round driveway, were the remains of a fire pit. It had obviously been used
over and over again by previous visitors to this hidden place. Almost depressed with this realization, no one really took a moment to admire what
was still a beautiful old mansion. Bobby Lee quietly reached up and wiped a tear that had been about to ride down his dirty cheek. He looked at his
wet finger not sure if it was from the wind in his face or from his disenchantment.

As night falls and the boys set up camp, a group of drunken teenagers on mini-bikes invades the darkness. The younger boys, including Bobby
Lee, run and hide among the trees while their leader, Timmy, uses the gun he brought along to frighten the teenagers into leaving. Frightened and
confused by the shots, the drunken youngsters run every which way, not looking to see where they’re going until they realize one of them is missing.

Join Bobby Lee in this coming-of-age story full of personal revelations, vivid description and humor in
Stale Cookies in the Dark.

Frankie James was born and raised in southern Maryland. Stale Cookies in the Dark is his second book and he is in the process of writing a third.
He currently resides in Washington D.C.

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By: Frankie James
Email:  Frankiejames@frankiejames.com
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