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Frank Ellis the Artist ~ a.k.a. Frankie James

I was born January 1963 in the great city of Washington DC and grew up in Southern Maryland.  My Mom, four sisters, two brothers and I all shared a small two bedroom
house not far from the city line. It was a good world for me and I was inspired so much by the beauty of my own back yard.

Since my 1st Grade report card said so it is clear I wanted to paint. During high school I was fortunate enough to have a great instructor, Dr. Carol Thompson. She sparked a
fire inside me and taught me about
color and light, how to ask questions, and how to wonder. She introduced me to the great  ones.  Monet, my favorite, is among
them. He did what I want to do. His paintings are so alive you can walk right into the impressions of his world.

Always my studios have been small, usually just a corner in my bedroom. With such limited space, most often I work from my own photos. Here is nearly all       of my collection
for you to enjoy. The way I see it, I have another forty good years of painting in me.

I have just recently started to date my work with both the month and year. I will see how long this inspired streak lasts.
Watch me grow!  
ALL ARTWORK IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED ~ For use or sales, contact Frank Ellis at

Frank James Ellis is an East Coast based American Impressionist. Born in Washington D.C., Ellis
heralds from an artistic and creative family. He is an exciting unknown and mostly self-taught –
emerging contemporary artist.

Frank’s art work is inspired by the classics European Masters, Monet, Van Gogh, and Cezanne; where
he pushes himself to reach and attain the same understanding and heights as the great classic artists.

Ellis is a product of the innovative informal art classes of public education and his local community
college. Landing a place in the Advanced Placement level in high school and studying under the strict
yet creative guidance of Dr. Karol Thompson for three years, Frank excelled to master crucial
techniques. He learned and  continues to explore art history, the truth in life, how to see - form, light,
and color, all leading Ellis to constantly refine and reconsidered his own impressions focusing on the
world around him and leveraging the unique, historical and eclectic surroundings where he was
brought up.  

Ever open to many other artistic paths Frank explores illustration, painting, portraits and figure
drawing.  Being open to different forms of art, allows Ellis to form a broad perspective on art, create
new styles and unique works of art.

Ellis’ work is held in many private collections throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Japan,
and Europe. He currently lives and creates in Parkview, Washington D.C.  A published novelist Ellis
shares inspiring details of his humble yet hilarious beginnings.
Fantasy Beach in progress.
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